Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Empowering All To Give, Lead & Excel, otherwise known as EAGLE 7, is an Atlanta-area socially focused business. We are strategically positioned to impact our local community by providing youth empowerment services. We do this, not only by empowering students to excel, but by coaching, educating, and training the family unit as a whole. We enrich the relationships of parents and students through a variety of opportunities.

Embracing the Power of One….Connecting the Dots of Communities One Individual at a Time

We S.E.E a better path to productivity by:

  • Serving students
  • Empowering parents
  • Enhancing communities

We hope to ensure Atlanta and the surrounding communities not only survive but thrive. We aim to break the cycles of underachievement, with a collaborative approach to serving the student and their sometimes-unstable home foundation.

We Are Looking For Community Partners And Corporate Sponsorships

Our EAGLE 7 programs rely on community partners and corporate donors to help us deliver the life-changing classes and training we provide. We offer budget-friendly sponsorship packages that allow your business to make a lasting positive difference in our community.

We are also searching for community leaders, who are available to help us expand our coaching, training, and empowering classes and services. This can be achieved by mentorship and tailored empowerment programs and outreach.

Choose To Allocate Your Sponsorship Towards The Programs Of Your Choice

As a corporate sponsor, you can allocate your sponsorship towards the programs of your choice. Our current programs include:

EAGLE 7 Ambassadors – AMBA: This program is open to high school members of EAGLE 7 only. All E7 AMBA students are prepared to reflect their community and organization for select events throughout the year. E7 AMBA receives support in mapping out their success path for college or career plans.

EAGLE 7 Power of One Leadership Institute – POLI: This program is open to all, with priority given to registered EAGLE 7 members.  Space is limited. The application process requires an essay, interview, and submission of grades. A student may apply in their 4th grade year through 8th grade year. Youth will be exposed to Social Entrepreneurship. They will complete and present a service project in May.

EAGLE7 – SLAMM:  Service-Learning Academy Modules & More provides opportunities for youth to develop their own service projects as an individual or group.  Mission: Developing the Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurs. Modules: Science, StoryCorps, Red Cross, Hunger, and Literacy, along with increasing the number of individuals we serve.

EAGLE 7-TEDEd Club: What is your passion? What are you curious about? How can you bring your ideas to life? All EAGLE 7 youth are given access to this unique and engaging experience!

EAGLE 7-Speech & Debate Club is a community-based program that allows participants to learn and grow in the knowledge of speech and debate.  EAGLE 7 has established a partnership with Emory Atlanta Urban Debate League.  This relationship provides students in middle school and high school a unique opportunity to consider debate as an extracurricular activity.  EAGLE 7/Gwinnett Gaveliers is a youth component of Toastmasters International, which allows students to overcome the fear of speaking in a group setting.  Through this program, elementary, middle, and high school students are nurtured into competent and confident speakers.

EAGLE 7-First Tee DRIVE Program:  The First Tee DRIVE program is an opportunity for students to learn about the game of golf in a fun way.  The focus is to Develop Rewarding Inspiring Values for Everyone.  Open to elementary, middle, and high schoolers.

We would like to invite you to join us as a 2017 – 2018 Corporate Sponsor, where your investment will bring light, hope, and positive transformation to Snellville, Gwinnett, and beyond. If you have questions about our family and youth empowerment, please ask.

Reach out today & learn more about the Sponsorship Opportunity that Suites you best!