Posse Foundation

A Powerful Posse With Unlimited Potential

EAGLE 7 is dedicated to creating partnerships with local and nationwide programs who empower underserved youth to rise. One of these partnerships is with The Posse Foundation, who has to-date opened the door for over 7,700 low-income youth to achieve their dream of going to college. They have partnered with over 50 colleges and universities around the nation, granting over $931 million dollars in scholarships—and counting!

Redefining Posses

Posse Scholars are a hand-selected group of high school students, who are bright and motivated, but for one reason or another may be overlooked by traditional college entrance programs. By placing students in local “Posses” of 10 students, they can work together to develop their academic and leadership skills. This diverse, multi-cultural team is awarded a full scholarship and goes on to college, with an impressive 90% graduation rate.

An Increased Focus On STEM

The Posse Foundation was launched in 1989, with a focus on increasing access to higher education for underserved youth in all areas study. In response to a challenge from the White House for nationwide educators to increase their admissions for underrepresented youth in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math), Posse partnered with 10 colleges and universities to diversify their STEM programs. This is exciting, because gender and ethnic diversity are severely lacking in many STEM fields. Between 2014 and 2018, The Posse Foundation has committed to adding an additional 500 STEM scholarships—besides their annual scholarships for all areas of education.

EAGLE 7 Has Secured A Few Coveted Spots

Each year, over 16,000 eager students are nominated for Posse Scholarships, but only around 800 are selected. EAGLE 7 is proud to announce that we are one of the community-based organizations approved to submit nominations for Posse-ATL! We look closely at our high school seniors and make the difficult choice of submitting a select few. We cannot guarantee scholarships, but we get our nominees one step closer.

To learn more about The Posse Foundation and their inspiring work, please visit  https://www.possefoundation.org/about-posse. To learn more about EAGLE 7, please reach out today!