TED-Ed Club

EAGLE 7 TED-Ed Clubs—Explore What Is Meaningful To You

What is YOUR passion? What subjects and topics would YOU like to learn more about? What gets YOU excited about learning? With TED-Ed, you can explore what is meaningful to YOU!

Traditional education requires students to learn a well-rounded curriculum, but a curriculum which looks the same for everyone. While this is an excellent way of preparing our youth for adulthood and higher education, it falls short in empowering students to pursue the topics they find most exciting. By joining EAGLE 7’s TED-Ed Club, students grades 1st through 12th can learn more about their individual areas of interest, and discover topics not found at school.

Beyond TED Talks

TED Talks are ideas worth sharing, and the ever-expanding online video collection features innovators from every walk of life. From every industry, continent, and culture—and covering an endless range of topics. These topics don’t just apply to adults, which is why a growing number or presenters are youth just like you! While adults may attend live TED events, or browse videos by interest, TED has designed a collection of learning modules designed to help students explore their personal interests, in a supportive club setting.

More Than Learning—Presenting Your BIG Ideas!

Our TED-Ed Club allows students to learn in many areas of interest. This includes Math, Literature & Language, Arts, Design, Engineering, Technology, Science, Health, Social Studies, and more! There are even Ted-Ed videos designed to challenge students to rethink Learning, Thinking, and Education. While there is no set TED-Ed curriculum, students will be encouraged to challenge themselves—by doing more than watching inspiring videos, but also by presenting their BIG ideas to the rest of the club. You might even get invited to a nationwide TED-Ed event, like our EAGLE 7 TED-Ed club member Jaleah Colbert!

As always, our goal is to Empower All to Give, Lead, & Excel—and our TED-Ed Club is one of our many programs that achieves just that!

Want to learn more about TED-Ed? Register today, or reach out to schedule a consultation.