EAGLE 7 – ParentPartners

EAGLE 7 is committed to empowering our parents with the tools and resources needed to ensure a productive family unit.

The Challenge

Parents today are busier than ever. Demands of navigating your child’s success in school and beyond is greater today than ever before. Even with the advancement of technology, parents find themselves overwhelmed and burdened by the need to keep up and the lack of local community support in answering their specific concerns.

The focus of EAGLE 7 is to Empower All to Give, Lead & Excel. This pertains to both parents and students. We believe it is important to start at home base, whether it is the individual, the home or the community. It is our aim to speak ‘life’ to areas of challenge and to support community vitality “Embracing the Power of One….by connecting the dots of communities one individual at a time”.

Our Pursuit

As a family becomes connected to EAGLE 7, parents are part of a vibrant network of parental support and resources. These resources serve to support, enhance and empower parents in a variety of ways. Their students will receive exclusive college exposure and service-learning opportunities. In addition to the access in areas of STEM, parents and students are encouraged to participate in community volunteer activities as a family unit. Building relationships and creating memories to last a lifetime.

[toggle type=”first” title=”PLAN”]

  • Build the relationships between Parents & Students
  • Build the relationships between Parents to Parents
  • Build the relationships between Parents & Community


[toggle title=”PROGRAMS”]

  • Parent Empowerment Series
  • Parent Advisory Board
  • The Economics of Higher Ed ( The Cost of A Post Secondary Education)
  • The Parent Roundtable


[toggle title=”SUCCESS TOOLS”]

  • Parent Workshops, Seminars
  • PEU-Parent Empowerment University (Fall 2016)
  • EAGLE 7 Parent Partner Network
  • P2P – Parent2Parent Support & Resources


Expected Outcomes

Increase awareness & advocacy of sustainable parent support within the community while increasing the measurable outcomes (ie, grades improvement, high school graduation, college/career support and placement).