In 2011, Empower All to Give Lead & Excel – EAGLE 7 was established with the mission to Embrace the Power of One….Connecting the Dots in Communities One Individual at a Time.

Encourage – Equip – Engage – Empower is the formula we use to stay focused on our impact in the communities we serve.

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Below are a few testimonials from a few of our many happy parents, students and/or community members.

  • JeJuan Stewart, the Executive Director of EAGLE 7, does an exceptional job of reaching out to students and positively impacting their lives. She believes in preparing future leaders and providing tools and resources for their success.JeJuan nominated my daughter for a POSSE scholarship. My daughter was the first person at her high school to interview for a POSSE Scholarship. This was the beginning of an academic leap in her life.

    My daughter was chosen as a finalist. Though she did not receive the POSSE Scholarship, she was a finalist. Once she became a POSSE finalist many POSSE schools began to recruit her. This opened several doors for my daughter. She chose Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. For several years Babson College has been #1 School for Entrepreneurship. She attended college with her tuition completely paid for! Today, she is an alum of Babson College, and soaring in her career in business. JeJuan, thank you for believing in my daughter and many other talented young people.

    - Mrs. Marshall
  • Receiving the Posse Scholarship was a life changing experience. The Posse Foundation became my family, supporting me every step of the way, and cheering me on at graduation.

    I am beyond grateful for the support of Mrs. JeJuan Stewart and EAGLE 7. Some of the most amazing and talented students participate in EAGLE 7 programs that will help them network, and put them in a position to excel beyond their wildest dreams. The Posse Foundation is just one of those networks that will help mold youth into becoming the leaders they were born to be

    - Jasmine Green
  • Excellent program for those wanting their children to be well rounded individuals-academic, culture, and service.

    - B. Jones


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